Frequently asked questions

Karen Eco Lodge

Q. How many nights should I stay at Karen Eco Lodge
A. We recommend a minimum of three nights. You need two full days to enjoy our tours and activities.
Q. Are there any restaurants and convenient stores near Karen Eco Lodge?
A. The property located at a remote location. If you want shops and restaurant you can find at the property which provide restaurant, bar and souvenirs.
Q. Why does Karen Eco Lodge have no swimming pool?
A. We founded the property as a center for activities in and around Mae Wang National Park. A swimming pool might not accessory during your stay at Karen Eco Lodge. However, we plan to build a swimming pool in a few years to maximise the guest needs.
Q. Why there are no televisions in the lodge?
A. We think televisions distract everyone from the natural beauty of our surroundings. This was a major concern. A couple of days without television will help you explore the surroundings nature.
Q. Are there traditional massage or spa services in the lodge?
A. We are a lodge for nature lovers. However, we provide Thai traditional massage service upon request in advance to accommodate our guests. If you need it we will find it for you.
Q. Is the lodge suitable for families?
A. It is very suitable for families with children of 8 years and older.

Getting to Karen Eco Lodge

Q. How long does it take from Chiang Mai airport to Karen Eco Lodge?
A. About 1 hour.
Q. How long does it take from Chiang Mai Railwaystation to Karen Eco Lodge?
A. About 1 hour and 30 minutes
Q. How to get to Karen Eco Lodge?
A. We provide shuttle service with an additional cost from Chiang Mai to the property or you can also use local taxi to the lodge.

Tours and activities

Q. Should I book my tours and activities in advance?
A. Yes, Karen Eco Lodge is a the jumpoff point for tours in Mae Wang National Park and other areas. Certain tours such as our Elephant Caring Experience has limited capacity and are quickly fully booked. Also other tours require preparation from our side, guides need to be informed in time, etc.. Availability might be an issue. We need advance notice for the performances and the Cooking Class. The Jungle Trekking you can do at any time.